Residential Solar Installation High Point, NC

A residential solar panel installation includes the use of DER batteries , which provide consumers with on-demand access to self produced solar power by saving excess energy for periods when electrical demand (i.e., utility electric bill) peaks. In addition to capturing renewable energy from sunlight, a typical household can significantly reduce its carbon footprint by becoming powered primarily by clean, carbon free electricity from its own solar panels.

It is our goal to get as many homes in High Point, North Carolina set up with its ideal solar energy system. If you are concerned that your property isn’t set up to host, we encourage you to give us a call to see what we can do. Our contractors can work with a variety of roofs and environments with ground mount systems.

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Even if you think your property is too shaded, keep in mind solar panels do not need direct sunlight and our team can figure out a solution to make sure it still generates electricity at an optimal rate.

Affordable Commercial Solar Energy Installation

We strongly believe solar energy is the best thing you can do towards a more sustainable future. Not only is it becoming increasingly popular, but costs are dropping too. We encourage all citizens to take advantage of any rebates and incentives to save even more money on your energy bill each month, or help protect the environment.

Many people think solar panels impact the look of their home, but that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Modern day solar panels blend in with homes, making them virtually unnoticeable if installed correctly with minimal obstruction. They are built in a variety of styles and colors to match with your roof line seamlessly for maximum aesthetic ability while generating clean power at the same time.

Our number one priority at our company is customer service. We are locally owned and operated, North Carolina is our home and the residents are our people. We take great care of every person that chooses us, from the first time you contact us to when we hand you an extensive report with diagrams and photos of your new system. Our customers matter to us, after all, without you all we are nothing!

You could also achieve financial stability because utility prices will stay low while demand continues to increase, meaning rates will only go up. This means instead of paying more for electricity month after month, you’re saving money on each kWh generated by your solar panels!

You can actually save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year depending on where you live and how much sun hits your roof every day. People think about how much installing solar panels will cost, but in reality the thought should be, how much is it going to cost me not to switch? Give us a call find out today!